Hoi An Roastery

Do you need more than a quality cup of coffee? Are you seeking décor and ambience to enhance your caffeine hit, that certain je ne sais quoi? With décor channeling the Swiss Alps and exceptional customer service, Hoi An Roastery Coffee Shops are charming spaces to momentarily escape from the hustle and bustle of Hoi An.


‘You have to go to Hoi An Roastery, it has the best coffee in Hoi An!’ exclaimed a friend. Normally, uncommunicative (to the point you wonder if he’s dead), this uncharacteristic outburst sent me there the following day.


Walking into Hoi An Roastery is like sitting in a comfy chair. With dark wooden interiors, hessian bags filled with coffee beans, voguishly packaged paraphernalia and staff dressed like yodeling goat herders, Western-world comfort and style is offered in a venue that could be anywhere in the world; and oh so reminiscent of many back ‘home’.


Since bursting onto the Hoi An coffee scene in 2015 to rave reviews on TripAdvisor, Hoi An Roastery rapidly expanded to three venues around the Old Town and many more soon followed.

The quest for a perfect cup of coffee is, like wine, a highly personal ‘taste of view’ (couldn’t help myself!). Being someone who likes coffee at a strength that would have most people bouncing off the ceiling, I would have preferred my perfectly blended, no-bitter-after taste cappuccino a little stronger. But that’s just me. My coffee-connoisseur colleague, on the other hand, declared her Espresso ‘10 out of 10 perfect’!


With over 200 coffee varieties on offer, coffee workshops and coffee beans roasted on the premises, this is a place for true aficionados.


Serving pastries and high quality ice-cream, croissants, apple pie and Vietnamese specialities such as Pho and Cao Lau, Hoi An Roastery is expensive by Vietnamese standards, but then you get what you pay for, and certainly, nothing in Vietnam can really be called expensive.


Book in for one of their coffee workshops

Hours | 7am – 10pm

Address | 135 Tran Phu; 47 Le Loi Street; 685 Hai Ba Trung; 95 Bach Dang; 31 Tran Phu; 117 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Website | hoianroastery.com

Email | info@hoianroastery.com

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