Faifo Coffee

Put simply, Faifo Coffee has the best coffee in Hoi An. It is piping hot, strong and full of flavour and I cannot recommend it enough. Thankfully, Faifo Coffee has not turned into an exclusive expat haunt yet, there is always a mix of locals, tourists and expats there which is part of its appeal.


Oh how I need coffee!  Some days Vietnamese tea just does not cut the mustard. Coffee 11 in An Hoi used to be the place. What could be better than having a coffee facing the riverfront and Old Town of Hoi An and people watch. My favourite pastime.



Now the Coffee 11 family has branched out, and created a big brother in the Old Town – Faifo Coffee – raising the bar even higher. They already have their own coffee roaster and source the green coffee beans from Da Lat. Roasted coffee is then on-sold to various shops and resorts around the area. And now they’ve upped the ante by leasing a coffee plantation in Da Lat. You have to admire their entrepreneurship.

Faifo Coffee is housed in a sympathetically renovated building in the Old Town. The ground floor is perfectly set up for people watching from the front windows, the second is relaxed and breezy with large lounges while the top commands a breathtaking view of the Old Town.


For those who have watched the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, when Sayuri climbs to the roof and sees the view of Kyoto, well this is same same, but different. I almost cried when I saw the view, pure poetry in a vision. I am not sure how well you could enjoy the top story because of the lack of shade, but once the hot sting of the day has dissipated it would be sublime.

Hours | 8am – 9pm

Address | 130 Tran Phu

Telephone | +84 (0) 91 410 88 66


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