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The easiest way to get around Hoi An is to hire a bicycle, electric bike or motorbike and if you need to go further afield, check out our list of car hire services.  In this section you’ll also find details on: bus services to Da Nang and the airport, taxis, xe oms (motorbike taxis), boats, cyclos even how much to fill up your motorbike tank.  We’ll tell you where to buy bicycles, electric bikes, motorbikes and cars.

And if you’re someone using a motorbike who values their safety, check out where to buy decent motorbike helmets.

Where to Hire a Motorbike

You do not need a license to hire a motor bike but, if you have an accident and do not have a legal motorbike license, health insurers will not pay up. Check the fine print. It is the law that you wear a helmet and madness if you do not.

Hire costs: 80 – 100,000 VND for a semi-automatic motorbike per day; around 130 – 150,000 VND for an automatic scooter

You can sometimes get a better deal if you rent for more than a couple of days especially from the independent agents in the streets listed below.

One More Warning!

  • Rental bikes are frequently plain dangerous to ride: check your brakes, lights, indicators and tyres …
  • Filling your petrol tank should cost approximately 80,000 VND (depending on the size of course).  Always keep your eye on the meter and see the section on ‘Scams’.

Mrs Nhung 

Add  :   95 Hung Vuong St

Tel    :   0982 692 552

Price: 100k/ per day;  1 million/ per month


“Great service, lovely lady” – Sarah, Hoi An Expat

Mrs Trâm

Add   : 82 Ton Duc Thang

Tel    : 0784 840 489

Price: 80k/per day;  1 million/ per month


Good English, new high quality bikes.

Cost to fill your tank

To fill your tank costs around 60 – 80,000 VND; depending on your bike and the amount of travel you do this will last you close to a week.

Where to Hire an Electric Bike 

Why cycle when you can zoom along without moving a muscle. The electric bike is a nifty option for those unsure of their motor cycling ability. It is easy to manage, easy to ride and, boy, are they fun. Not heavy like motor bikes, you can zoom anywhere with ease but make sure the battery is charged.  They are hellish to ride if the battery is flat.  Yes, they have pedals but if you don’t want ten minutes to equal 25 hours at the gym, make sure your battery is charged.

You can rent one from many of the hotels on Cua Dai Street for around 75,000 VND per day. Again, check lights, brakes, indicators, tyres …

Mr Khoi

Add: 566 Cua Dai St

Tel: 0235 3 862 542

Price: 70,000 VND per day

Minh Chinh, Hoi An

Add: 135 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoi An

Tel:  0905 037 595

Price: 50,000 VND per day


Mr Dung

Add: 228 Le Thanh Tong Street, near Ba Le Market

Tel: 0987 334 677

Price: 50,000 VND per day

Where to Hire a Bicycle 

Where can i get second - hand bicycle

Mr Tuan

79 Thai Phien Street
0918 922 927

Price: 20k / per day


Mrs Yen

617 Hai Ba Trung Street
0905 3917 138

Price: 20k/ per day


Taxis tend to be a safe bet with one of the two main companies: Mai Linh (green): +84 (0) 510 3914 914 and Faifoo (yellow): +84 (0) 510 3919 191. Finding one when you need one is not always easy, but they tend to hang out around the top of Le Loi St near the old town or across the river at An Hoi peninsular. Both companies use meters.

The English Speaking Taxi number for Tourists is:  +84 (0) 5103 929 929

Mai Linh Taxi, Hoi An
cyclos and a good way of getting around in hoi an, vietnam


All cyclos have number plates and are managed by the local police.  A couple of years ago 50,000 VND per hour was standard, but these days drivers charge a lot more.  A 15 minute trip from one part of the Old Town to another could cost as much as 100,000 VND. Negotiate!


Consider avoiding the roads altogether and taking in the city from the water. For a trip down the river to the water coconut groves and back, expect to pay around 100,000VND per person.

 XE OMS (motorbike taxis)

If going it alone isn’t your gig but you’d like to enjoy the adventure of life on a motorbike on the Vietnamese roads, try a Xe Om, or motorbike taxi. As Hoi An is a rather small town, you shouldn’t need to pay more than 25,000 VND for most short jaunts up the road, but from the Old Town to An Bang or Cua Dai beaches you should pay around 40,000 VND. Be aware that your safety is not always guaranteed on the back of these bikes so be sure to wear a helmet, try to avoid wiggling too much or distracting the driver, and do definitely voice your opinion if you feel the driver is going too fast or putting your life in danger. For your safest bet, look for the recognized Xe Oms in the collared pink shirts with numbers.

Important!  Agree on the price before getting on.

Warning: Using Xe Oms during the day is very safe but a different breed arises after midnight.

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