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On the edge of Old Town, Highway4 Hoi An Restaurant and Bar provides an easy-going environment where you can settle in for the night. In age-old Vietnamese ‘Tuu Quan’-style it’s a Hoi An restaurant where you can unwind with friends or family over a few drinks and scrumptious Vietnamese regional dishes. 


Highway4 Hoi An Restaurant and Bar champions dishes from all over Vietnam. From  Saigon’s Pork Spring Rolls to Hanoi’s Bun Cha to Roasted Crickets in Lemon leaves (mountainous regions) to their own superb creation – Catfish Spring Rolls.


Other highlighted dishes include recipes from the north such as Pork Spare Ribs Grilled with Sicuan Pepper and Stir-fried Chicken and Cashew Nuts. There’s a delicious vegetarian fried rice with mushrooms and vegetables and beef strips rolled in mustard leaves complete with wasabi dip. The exotic snail meatloaf is not to be missed nor is the shredded-hearth-smoked buffalo with spicy Thai dip. 


Inspired by traditional street food stretching from the Mekong to Sapa, Highway4 Hoi An Restaurant and Bar honors the great culinary traditions that have evolved throughout the country. The incredible variety in the menu is astonishing and there is definitely something for everyone.


Vegetarians are also well catered for with daily fresh-from-the-garden produce amongst other delights.

More Than Just Another Vietnamese Restaurant

If you like to dine tapas-style where the food and drink complement each other in an unhurried dance throughout the evening Highway4 Hoi An Restaurant and Bar will delight you with its Vietnamese dishes and beverages center stage. Here the traditional Tuu Quan (literally ‘liquor eatery’) is replicated. 


Perfect for larger gatherings of friends or family, the low tables on raised platforms straight out of a Japanese izakaya dominate upstairs and a large communal table has pride of place on the ground floor.


There are more intimate tables for couples and smaller groups available inside, or on the pavement out front affording a people watching dimension as well.


The seductive menu items are best shared and it’s best not to rush. Take your time, have a sip or two, and order as the fancy takes you in gentle steps as the night unfolds.


Special mention should also be made of Highway4 Hoi An and Bar’s sustainable approach. Many of the ingredients come from local organic sources, plastic is avoided and even the restaurant fittings and furniture have mostly been recycled ingeniously from elsewhere.

HIGHWAY4 HOI AN RESTAURANT AND BAR_downstairs central table setting

The Highway4 Story

The remote mountainous north of Vietnam has long been home to not only an abundance of herbs, spices, and local specialties, but also a widely-practiced culture of Ruou – Vietnamese sticky rice liquor – production. In 1999 a small group of passionate Foodies, inspired by their extensive explorations along the network of Highway4 routes near the Chinese border, decided to adapt the Tu Quan concept to the demands and expectations of modern society.


Thus the ‘Highway4’ concept was born, first in Hanoi and then in Hoi An.  To begin it embodied northern Vietnam’s culinary culture. In the process, without perhaps realizing it, Highway4 had for the very first time stamped north Vietnamese food and drink on the world map of international cuisines.


These days Highway4 Hoi An Restaurant and Bar embraces Vietnamese food styles from every corner of Vietnam and its customers flock from across the globe to experience a truly authentic dining/drinking experience second to none.


You certainly don’t have to drink to enjoy yourself Highway4 Hoi An Restaurant and Bar but you’re bound to have a cracking good time if you do.

Highway4 Food & Drink

Food is normally ordered slowly over several courses rather than all at once, and the kitchen serves dishes when they’re ready rather than in formal courses. Usually everyone shares. Typically, menus include a selection of drinking snacks and earthen pot dishes – or hotpots – and signature dishes created by Highway4 itself. The food is salty and spicy, crunchy and savory, and engineered to be suitable with alcohol.


Delicately flavored appetizers such as Nom (salads) or Nem [spring rolls] are ordered first, followed by progressively more robust flavors such as grilled meat and fish. Often the appetizers will serve as a prelude to a steaming Lau (hotpot). A customary end to the meal is some form of rice – often served with a broth – or noodles to fill the stomach and soak up the alcohol, followed by a pot of strong green tea. Believed to settle the stomach, rice is the last thing to eat before heading out into the night; meanwhile green tea is believed to induce sobriety after an evening of alcohol consumption.


For a review see Highway4 Review 

Cook With Us

Get hands-on experience of Vietnamese cuisine and a solid introduction to local culinary culture through Highway4 Hoi An Restaurant and Bar’s half-day cooking program, including a visit to a cultural museum and local street market tour followed by a cooking session focusing on active participation and fun.

Choose a Menu

MOMMY’s MENU: 35 usd/pp


Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

Highway4 Catfish Sping Rolls

Banana Flowers Salad with peanut

Chicken fried with cashew nuts

Banana sweet soup

GRANDMA’S MENU: 55 usd/pp


Caramelised whitefish & pork in claypot

Banana Sweet soup (Chè chuối)

Fried Chưng sticky rice cake sauteed w/ minced pork and black pepper

Eggplants sauteed in mushroom sauce

DADDY’s MENU:  45 usd/pp


Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

Strips of Beef Rolled in Mustard Leaves w/ Wasabi Dip

Banana Flowers Salad with Peanut

Squid in Tamarind Sauce

Banana Sweet Soup

KID’S MENU: 30 usd/pp


Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

Papaya Salad

Fresh spring rolls w/ shrimp, pork & vegetable

Highway4 Fried Rice

Fruity soup (Chè trái cây)

Small group – Great hands – on experience!


Minimum joined group size: 2

Maximum joined group size: 8


Hours: 8-12am or 1.30pm – 5.30pm

HIGHWAY4 HOI AN RESTAURANT AND BAR_upstairs setting Japanese style

Hours | 9am -10pm

Address | 11 Phan Boi Chau

Email | highway4hoian@gmail.com

Facebook | @highway4 hoi an restaurant and bar

Telephone | +84 (0)787 655 415/ +84 (0)905 803 309

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