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Nga Hang Convenience Store, Hoi An, Vietnam inside fridge pre-packed vegiesOpposite bustling Tiger Market is Hang Nga, Hoi An’s answer to a mini-supermarket. Okay, this little place doesn’t stock wine or beer but it does have all manner of hard to get groceries such as Kumato tomatoes and spices at very, very cheap prices. Popular with expats in the know, it’s particularly handy for its frozen products.

Nga Hang Convenience Store, Hoi An, Vietnam frozen food and peas

It’s not immediately obvious when you walk in that Hang Nga is a veritable treasure trove of food supplies. At first glance, it seems just like all the other mini-marts in town but look again. Infact, go fossicking. In the freezers you’ll find frozen peas, bacon, packed minced meat, sausages, slabs of cheese, butter and much more. As many of these are bought in bulk, they will happily cut you off a bit or break open the frozen peas to accommodate your: ‘I only want half of them’ request. And being bulk goods, your ‘bit’ works out very, very cheaply.

What Nga Hang Convenience Store, Hoi An, Vietnam spiceselse can you get?

There’s a good selection of gourmet foods in the fridges such as pre-packed mushrooms, feta cheese and more and baked beans and other Western staples can be found on the shelves. The spice range is especially good. Yes, you can get spices in Hoi An but the assortment here is far greater than anywhere else I’ve been (outside of Dingo Deli).

And have I mentioned this before? It’s all so cheap!

Hours: 6am – 10pm (7 days)

Address: 81 Nguyen DinhChieu (opposite Tiger Market)
Tele: +84 (0) 235 3 917 210

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