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Greek Souvlaki is a very cheap no-frills roadside stall for take-aways. In fact, bizarrely there are two venues going under the same name offering similar options although they are unrelated businesses. One is on the main drag on the left as you approach An Bang Beach while the other operates out of a cubby hole on Thai Phien not far from Kebab Shack.

Greek Souvlaki. Hoi An restaurant. chicken souvlaki. An Bang Beach

Both offer dedicated Greek cuisine and while it’s not of the first rank, like MIX Greek Restaurant in the Old Town, the food is reasonable for the price.


The mainstay is pork or chicken ‘souvlaki’ served in lightly toasted pita bread with salad and a few chips (French fries) stuffed in the top. Souvlaki is normally grilled or barbecued on skewers. Here the marinated meat is quickly pan-fried over high heat instead.


A standard souvlaki will only set you back 50,000 VND and you can buy Tzatziki as a side with extra pita bread and extra chips as well.

Both Greek Souvlaki venues have modest seating if you choose to eat in and the operation on Thai Phien has a reliable delivery menu service between 11am and 8pm. It’s best to call 0984 072 693 and then text your order to avoid misunderstandings with the Vietnamese hosts.


Add: 7 Thai Phien

Tel: +84 (0) 984 072 693

Add: An Bang Beach

Tel: +84 (0)905 039 100

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