Flower Power: are flower essences the new Prozac?  Maybe so according to a recent Vogue article. Whatever the case, natural is very in right
now. In or not, I admit that when it came to natural remedies I was a bit of a skeptic. However, after a few days of feeling cool, calm, and collected one moment and like the Blair Witch the next, I was keen to find a cure for my mood swinging.


What are flower essences anyway?


It’s not about eating the plants (or gorging on them depending on your emotional issues) but about ingesting the waves, the frequency, or the energy the plants emit.  This energy is captured in the brandy and water the plant is steeped in, and ready to be taken with just seven drops under the tongue, twice a day.


A Reading with Gillian Harrison

Gillian Harrison is one of those people you instantly feel comfortable with. She sat with a reassuring smile as I spoke with her about my rollercoaster ups and downs, feeling heavy and sloth like from eating so many fried spring rolls, and my recent lack of
joie de vivre. In retrospect I suspect she was smiling because she knew how much I would get out of our session.

‘Pick five cards that you are particularly drawn to’, Gillian instructed. A little confused, I scanned the 69 colorful, flower-photo cards realising none was known to me as they were all native to Australia. Strangely, although most of the flowers were strikingly beautiful, there were several I kept coming back to.

Once I’d chosen my cards, we sat on the floor as Gillian spoke to me about my selection. First was Peach-flowered Tea-tree, good for mood swings and boredom. ‘Huh, that’s odd’, I thought, reflecting on the coincidence.

The cards that followed proved that my selections were more than coincidental. Gillian relayed that I had chosen Wild Potato Bush, good for when one is feeling physically weighed down, Turkey Bush for creative blocks, Silver Princess for feeling flat or aimless, and Old Man Banksia for weariness.

I sat awestruck, nodding my head like one of those bobble-headed dolls. Incredibly, I had experienced every symptom Gillian described in the last 12 hours.

The Wash Up


After the reading Gillian made a unique blended tincture of my selected essences to take home. A few drops of this has been enthusiastically added to my daily routine, and not just because the flower essences are preserved in brandy.  


According to Gillian, most people come to her to work out a specific problem. Maybe they need help getting over a breakup, or feel they are stuck in a rut at the office. Without a specific issue it’s difficult to pinpoint my improvement in a precise area but each morning and evening, when I take my drops, I am reminded of my reading and Gillian’s insight. This mindfulness, combined perhaps with the healing nature of the flower essences, has helped me work out some of the issues identified in the reading. There’s no doubt my visit left me feeling lighter and more prepared to nurture my emotional wellness.



Details of Readings


Flower essence readings last 60 minutes and cost 900,000 VND.


Appointments can be made by writing to [email protected] or by contacting Nomad Yoga Hoi An or Gillian Harrison’s Facebook Pages.


Learn more about Gillian Harrison and her crystals and flower essences at: crystalsandfloweressences.com

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