img_2252_optThe brain child of Antoine and his partner Anh, Essensian provides clients with the tools they need to connect and ‘grow a rich interior world’ through yoga, meditation, and essential oil application.

Knowing nothing about essential oils, I was excited to catch up with Anh at one of her workshops. Through the use of essential oils she provides a natural solution to many of life’s simple problems. Walking me through the basics of oil use she explained that many of the oils she sells are extracted from plants harvested just outside of Hoi An — ‘I am bringing the healing flora of my home country back to the people,’ she says. She admitted that while essential oils are not meant to treat chronic disease, they can help make our lives easier.


With a take-away of my own oil concoction in hand (given at every session), Anh , after a quick costume change introduced me as ‘the writer’ to a group of smiling yoga participants. Her classes practice Hatha, a form of yoga that focuses on stress release. A newcomer to this pretzeled world of up-dogs and down-dogs, Anh constantly reminded me to go at my own pace and do what was comfortable for me.


The next morning Anh invited me for coffee to meet her business partner, Antoine. Giving up a successful career as a big-wig editor in Paris, Antoine left France to pursue his interests in meditation and eastern philosophy in Nepal and India. ‘The world is wrought with uncomfortable dualities and that is why we feel pain’ he tells me.  He suggests that yoga and meditation practices have helped him grow a ‘rich interior’ so he can mindfully navigate these tricky dualities.

Our conversation moved easily from topics of global development to over population, to the Dalai Lama to the temptations of modern society. A bit guarded in my own personal beliefs, I found myself at ease talking with Antoine. His relaxed attitude and thoughtful responses to my questions revealed his dedication to his mission. There is never an ounce of pretension in his voice; no spiritual mumbo-jumbo, no expensive crystals or four part seminars. Antoine is a man that has seen the light (so to speak) and wishes to share it with the rest of the world.


img_2245_optAntoine and Anh are charismatic, kind individuals with a passion for their craft. They want to impact change around them and they hope to do so though their areas of expertise. Anh’s extensive knowledge of essential oils and yoga works in tandem with Antoine’s spiritual training to deliver a holistic goody-bag of tools to anyone in search of a bit of clarity. Even as a newcomer you are sure to take something positive and enriching away from your experience at Essensian.



Hours: 9am and 8pm daily

Address: 25 Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An

For more information: Please visit Essensian -Natural health and beauty

Contact Anh for more information about the essential oils course and yoga at [email protected], tel: +84 (0) 905195662

Contact Antoine for more information about guided meditation at kun[email protected], tel: +84 (0) 359 870 317

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