E Village Restaurant Preview

E Village Restaurant  is located in the vibrant  heart of Hoi An Ancient Town.  

It overlooks the serene and beautiful Hoai River, for so long, the life blood of our Ancient Town. Close by is the Japanese Covered Bridge, an historic icon of Hoi An and just a short walk away is the colorful Night Market.

E Village Restaurant Preview. Dining Setting 2.Hoi An Restaurant.

Despite the vibrancy and bustle of Ancient Town E Village restaurant provides a quiet relaxed dining experience, a chance to unwind and recharge.

The two-story restaurant has three distinct dining spaces, streetscape, ground floor and upstairs with wonderful views of the water and local lantern lights. The decor pays homage to Vietnam’s village history recognizing the beauty and simplicity of local life.

The village feel is complemented by a carefully designed menu which boasts a delightful range of Asian fusion food. Most of our dishes are unique to our restaurant – you won’t find them anywhere else in Hoi An. The menu encourages shared plates so you can experience even more tasting delights.

E Village Restaurant: Passionate About Sustainability

E Village Restaurant is proud to be a part of Ancient Town’s long and colorful history and its unique contribution to the Vietnamese development.

It is passionate about the sustainability of Ancient Town, its culture, protection of the environment, and making a contribution to local communities.

Everything is done with a careful focus on sustainability. Tourism brings many benefits to Hoi An but with those benefits come the responsibility to ensure our beautiful town and local communities are protected.

E Village Restaurant’s mission is to give its diners a delicious and memorable dining experience in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

E Village works, where possible, with local organic farms and safe and healthy food distributors to fulfill its commitment to only serve high quality food. You can enjoy a wide range of regional specialties, BBQ, and signature dishes from both a la carte or set menus. It also has a monthly show-cooking demonstration to highlight its ingredients and cooking style.

Hours | 10am – 10pm

Address | 79 Nguyen Phuc Chu

Facebook | @evillagehoian

Telephone | +84 (0)93 510 83 99

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