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As a result of Covid-19 related precautions over 60 restaurants and cafes have suspended normal operations but commenced delivery and takeaway options. See our comprehensive table of these many and varied services by clicking on a food category below.

You can choose from:

Western / Vietnamese / Vegan / Vegetarian / Indian / Thai / Italian/Pizza / Mexican/American / Middle Eastern / Greek / Healthy/ Juices/  Bakery/Grocery/ Cheese Japanese /Pizza Dough 

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Our standard delivery menu page follows:

Don’t Feel Like Going Out? Let your fingers do the walking and order online! Indian, French, Italian, Aussie, American, Japanese, Vegetarian or Vietnamese? It’s all here and more in Hoi An Now’s  ‘Delivery Menus’ ↓

Dingo Deli - International

Dingo Deli banner Hoi An Now

Greek Souvlaki - Greek

Greek Souvlaki. Hoi An restaurant. chicken souvlaki. An Bang Beach

Ganesh - Indian

Indian Restaurant. Baba's_Kitchen_Mixed_Platter

Luna d'autunno - Italian and Pizza

Luna D'autunno, wood fire oven, An Bang Beach

Hoshigami - Japanese

Hoshigami Japanese Restaurant, Hoi An, Hoi An Now

Karma Waters - Vegan

Karma Waters Hoi An vegetarian restaurant. external sign 2

An Bang Beach Village - Vietnamese

seafood-bbq-, an bang beach village resort, Hoi An, Hoi An Now

Fruit and Groceries

Hoi An Fresh Fruit Delivery

Hoi An Fresh Fruit Delivery, hoi an

    Is there any business or person that will go to the market for you or do basic grocery shopping once a week then deliver to your house? These are great restaurants, but I am looking for a grocery store or market. Thanks


    Hi Andy, Dingo Deli will deliver groceries, at least those they sell, as well as take away food. And one pet store does home delivery, if that’s relevant. See As for shopping at the market and/or convenience stores I’m sure it’s possible but I think you might have to ask around or advertise on expat FB sites for a helper. We don’t know of anyone who specifically offers this.


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