‘Pick a card’, said Gillian Harrison holding out a pack. What you pick dictates where the crystal healing should be targeted. According to my card, I needed to gain confidence and detox my mind because negative energy was blocking my creative flow. Next, I was given a choice of essential oils to smell – to focus my mind and allow the senses to take over – all with the aim of moving towards being ‘at one’…


What is Crystal Healing?

It wasn’t too long ago that the mere mention of crystal healing evoked rolling eye balls and tittering jokes about hippy days. Well not any more. With Adele, Victoria Beckham, Queen Madge and Katy Perry who sleeps with one in her hand every night all espousing their benefits – crystals are in!


‘There are four areas people need to concentrate on: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional’, Gillian had earlier explained with a warm smile and slight earnestness in her deeply blue empathetic eyes.

‘Everyone works on the physical through eating good food and going to the gym but they forget that the other three need work and that’s what I concentrate on . There is no question our emotions affect our health.  I try to empower by getting rid of blame and victim-mentalities. But, whatever your situation, this type of therapy is very relevant for general relaxation.’


Simply put, crystal healing involves placing crystals on and around the body to draw out negative energy and redirect that energy in order to nurture balance and overall mental happiness.

Crystal Healing in Action

As someone who constantly gets plagued by writer’s block I was hoping with all my heart (after picking my card) that the energy blocking my flow would shove off so, when I was told to lie on the bed, it is safe to say I sprinted.


Desperate for the bad stuff to jump ship, I was with Gillian from the word ‘relax’.  After she draped a white sheet over me to enable my chakras to flow, I readily embraced the lulling sound of her voice as she led me through the procedure.  Placing crystals in each of my hands I was guided into deep breathing and exhaling that pesky negative energy.   One by one, as her voice lulled me into a deeper hypnotic state, crystals were placed around my body and on my various chakra points right up to my Third Eye.  In between her mantra-like soothing explanation of what was going on there was Reiki on my head, feet and around my body.  And then … quiet.  It was time for the crystals to do their work.

Did it Work?

Look, I honestly can’t say.  Whatever happened is very hard to describe but something very tangible did happen. My phone, which I’d forgotten to turn off, dinged loudly through the room.  In any other situation I would have been jolted upright.  But instead this ‘outside interference’ induced the oddest sensation.  For the briefest of moments it felt like I was receding, flying down a hole into some far deeper semi-conscious state.


Do I imagine such things or are they real?  I don’t know.  What I can say for sure is I felt ‘goood’, like real good, the entire day after the treatment.  I felt grounded, relaxed and dare I say it, ‘at one’!


One other thing I can also say for sure is – I want to do it again.

Price guide in US dollars: 90 minutes Crystal Healing $40. Other therapies include 60 minutes Australian Bush Flower Essence Readings or 60 minutes Reiki sessions ($30 per session).


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