Copenhagen Delights

It’s not easy to find designer children’s wear in Vietnam let alone in Hoi An but Copenhagen Delights offers just that.  With sizes ranging from 0 – 12 years the garments are stylish and easy to wear with an emphasis on durability.  And as with everything – you pay for what you get so they’re also pretty pricey.

Living in a developing country can be a wonderful experience but it can also come with challenges.  For Pia Normann it was finding nicely designed clothing for her three children.  Resorting to buying what the children needed on trips abroad, she soon began to notice the poor quality offered by many of the big international brands.  Finally she decided to create her own children’s collection and thus Copenhagen Delight’s was born.

According to shop assistant Tien, ‘Asian people these days often only have one or two children so they love the quality.  Westerners have these types of shops in their countries but the designer clothes for babies concept is not so common in the Asian world; therefore, people from Japan, China, Korea and Singapore buy much more. So, with little competition, business is good.’


Copenhagen Delights also has a good range of homeware on sale.

Hours: 9:30am – 9:30pm 

Add: 29 Le Loi

Tel:  +84 (0)235 3916 333



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