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Circle Cafe Delivery Menu

Circle Cafe Delivery Menu



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The Original Juicy Lucy 120,000

How it began. Circle’s 100% beef patty stuffed with cheddar cheese


Bacon Avocado Juicy Lucy    145,000

the Original topped with bacon and avocado


The Classic Juicy Lucy   145,000

the Original on a bed of mayo and topped with house-made bbq sauce, fried onions and bacon


Peanut Butter Bacon Juicy Lucy    140,000

the Original topped with house-made peanut butter and bacon


The Aussie with the Lot Juicy Lucy       165,000

the Original topped with bacon, fried pineapple, pickled beetroot, egg, fried onion and our house-made Circle Sauce


Kimchi Jong-un Juicy Lucy   125,000

the Original topped with kimchi


Blue Cheese Garlic Juicy Lucy    155,000

Stuffed with blue cheese, cheddar, and garlic


All Juicy Lucys served with french fries, lettuce, tomato, and onion

Hamburger   105,000

Plain 100% beef patty 


Chicken Burger         95,000

Chicken breast on a bed of mayo, topped with avocado-lime-basil sauce and potato chips (crisps). with french fries


Veggie Burger  100,000

Patty made of beans, beetroot, broccoli, mushroom, garlic, capsicum and topped with fresh avocado. Served with chili-lime mayo and french fries.


Circle’s house-made sauces: BBQ, Circle Sauce, Chile-Lime Mayo (5000 per item)


Egg, peanut butter, pickled beetroot, kimchi, pineapple, American Cheese (10,000 per item)


Cheddar cheese, avocado (15,000 per item)


Bacon (20,000)


Blue cheese (35,000)

Circle Restaurant Hoi An, montage
Circle, Hoi An, Juicy Lucy Burger


Fruit Plate    50,000

Mango, banana, passion, watermelon


Garlic Toast    35,000

Fresh crushed garlic and butter on bread and toasted, diced tomato on the side


Spicy Corn    40,000

Circle’s version of the Vietnam street food. corn fried up with chili, fish sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, green onion and pepper


French Fries    45,000

Load ’em up with cheese, bacon and Circle Sauce (90,000)


Vietnamese Pineapple   70,000

Fresh pineapple, tomato, cucumber, greens, crunchy shallots with Vietnamese vinaigrette (lime, chili, garlic, olive oil, fish sauce)


Mango Avocado  80,000

Fresh avocado, mango, cucumber, tomato, crushed cashews, tossed in a lime and olive oil dressing


Check out our burger toppings to customize your sandwich!


Kransky Sausage            115,000

Pork sausage, bacon-wrapped, cheddar cheese, with pickles and dijon mustard on a baguette. with french fries



BLT     85,000

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a baguette. with french fries. Add avocado (15,000)


Egg Bacon Baguette    50,000

Eggs and bacon served on a baguette. Want tomato or onion with that?


Veggie Baguette   70,000

Avocado, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber, lettuce, mayo


Chicken, Cheese, Mayo            100,000

Sliced chicken breast with cheddar cheese, mayo, tomato. with french fries

Circle Restaurant Hoi An Mango and Avacado salad

Mango and Avocado salad (above)

Veggie Burger (right)

Circle Restaurant Hoi An Veggie Burger


Kransky Sausage         115,000

Pork sausage, bacon-wrapped, cheddar cheese, with pickles and dijon mustard on a soft, toasted bun – with french fries


Chili Cheese Dog      95,000

Hot dog with our house-made chili sauce, American cheese, diced onion on a soft, toasted bun – with french fries


Hot Dog                      70,000

Hot dog on a soft, toasted bun – with french fries


Hangover Noodle    60,000

Stir-fried noodles with bok choy, green beans, carrots, tomato, onions, red chili, ginger, garlic, oyster sauce and topped with an egg sunny side up. Add chicken (30,000)


Chicken with Vegetables and Rice    85,000

Fresh chicken breast cooked with bok choy, tomato, carrots, green beans, onion, pineapple and red chili. With steamed rice


Lemongrass Chicken    85,000

Chicken breast sliced and cooked with lemongrass, onion, red chili, garlic, topped with sesame seeds. With steamed rice





Passion, Lemon, Lime, Watermelon,

Pineapple    30,000


Mango     35,000


Orange                       40,000


Banana Smoothie    35,000


Mango Smoothie    40,000


Sodas, Water


Coke, Coke Light, 7UP, Fanta, Sprite, Lipton, Soda, Tonic, Red Bull, Revive (sports drink), Tra Xanh (lemon green tea)   20,000


Dasani Water: small (500 ml)    10,000;

large (1.5 L)    20,000


Danhthanh Mineral Water    20,000

Circle Restaurant, Hoi An, delivery bike
Circle Cafe Hoi An logo

Beer and Cider



Huda, 333 (ba ba ba)    20,000


Tiger    25,000




Larue 450ml        20,000


Saigon  450ml    20,000


Tiger 640ml    35,000


Chang (Thailand)    35,000


Desperados    40,000


Stella Artois (Belgium)     65,000


Strongbow Cider (Elderflower, Red Berries, Gold Apple)    35,000


Magner’s (Original, Pear, Berry)    65,000



Wine (by the bottle only)




Sauvignon Blanc, Sanama, Chile, 2017   290,000         


Chardonnay, Woolshed, Australia, 2016    380,000


Dalat Export, Vietnam    160,000




Cabernet Sauvignon, Sanama, Chile, 2015   290,000


Rose, Marius, France, 2016    380,000


Dalat Export, Vietnam    160,000

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    Hi Are the chips home made or frozen Cam on


    Hi Sam, Circle has told Hoi An Now that they once had handmade chips but they have moved to frozen these days. The frozen chips they use are imported from the US.


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