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Children’s Hope In Action

Children's Hope In Action

Robyn Morley started Children’s Hope in Action (CHIA) in 2006 after spending the previous five years setting up disability services at Hoi An Orphanage. Despite continuing development in Vietnam there’s still a large gap between rural and urban areas regarding access to basic human needs.

CHIA operates mainly in Quang Nam Province, one of the most underdeveloped regions in the country, where a vast amount of families survive on just $2 a day. In order to alleviate poverty in this region, CHIA is focused on providing education, healthcare and the adequate resources and knowledge needed to build a more sustainable future.

Educational Sponsorships


Though many Vietnamese recognize the power education has to break the cycle of poverty, education in Vietnam is not free and many families struggle to send their children to school. CHIA provides several educational and university scholarships benefiting the children directly and the community in the longer term.



As there is no health care funding in Vietnam, CHIA provides assists with consultations; diagnosing conditions; emergency and life-saving surgery; management and treatment for chronic and critical conditions and nutrition  for malnourished children.

Children's Hope In Action: Bike donation
Children's Hope In Action: Disability assistance



Disability services are still in their infancy in Vietnam, with most families having no idea how to seek assistance. CHIA provides practical treatment programs and ‘practical life skills’ to enhance the physical, social and intellectual development, allowing children to develop to their full potential.

Practical assistance is provided to improve the living conditions at home. This is done by redesigning furniture and making changes to the homes to fit the conditions of children to a better extend. To ensure the maximum quality of life, CHIA also assists and aids in obtaining supportive seating, wheelchairs, prosthesis and other orthopedic devices for the children most in need.

WASH – Water, Sanitation & Housing


Typhoons and severe floods impact thousands of families in the Quang Nam province. CHIA helps the most heavily affected families by replacing their palm-leaf and bamboo huts with brick and concrete homes to keep them safe.

CHIA also works on gender-inclusive water and sanitation facilities for communities in rural areas. This is done to improve the quality of drinking water and standards of hygiene.

Reach out


To find out more about CHIA including how you can help go to:

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.childrenshopeinaction.org

Phone: +84 (0) 235 3921 487


Photos provided by CHIA

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