Chez Cesar Delivery Menu

Chez Cesar Delivery Menu

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Chez Cesar delivery menu is very French and at the gourmet end of the home delivery world. Here’s one option among many:


Think a pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, ham, basil and pesto mayonnaise; steak to order with pepper sauce – washed down with a fine Bordeaux;  and finally, perhaps, a ‘fondant chocolat’.


There are classic soups as well or, for simpler fare, explore the intriguing gourmet sandwiches.


Check out the full menu below. Minimum order 250,000vnd.

Top Photos: Paysanne Soup; Pasta Salad; Boeuf Bourguignon

Bottom Photos: Onion Soup; Lasagna; Lemon Cake  

Hours: 6.30-9.30pm (not Mondays)

ORDER NUMBER: +84 (0)77 59 71 402 

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