Cheap Clothes: Hoi An Now Travel Guide to Money Saving

There are many places to buy very cheap clothes.  While these are mostly in Da Nang there are still a few hidden gems in Hoi An.  

Quoc Tien & Tu Na

Tu Na and Phong Quoc Clothes, Cheap Clothes Shops Hoi An

Suitable for all ages.


These two shops operate out of the same premises and sell the same types of cheap clothes you see all over the Old Town (Alibaba trousers, dresses, shorts, tops).  There’s no need for bartering here, the garments are priced and seriously cheap – and, if they don’t fit, no worries, the ladies will alter them for you.  Amazing money saving deals and highly recommended.

Note: Tailored Hats


You can also get custom made tailored hats at Quoc Tien.  Hoi An Now staff haven’t had any made but according to reviews on Trip Advisor this is a ‘hidden gem for tailored hats’.


Add:  15 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Tel:  +84 (0) 905 420 359.

Made in Vietnam

Made in Vietnam, Hoi An, Vietnam
Made in Vietnam, Hoi An, Vietnam
Made in Vietnam, Hoi An, Vietnam

Male and female clothing suitable for teenagers and adults.


You can find terrific bargains in the many Made in Vietnam shops dotted all over Vietnam (if you go to Hue, you will find quite a few).  They stock quality clothing with labels such as Mango, Gap, Banana Republic, F21, Zara and Osh Kosh that was due for the export market but didn’t make the grade due to some minor flaw. 


Note:  The shops can look very shabby from the outside but once you venture in and ferret around, you are sure to find a great bargain or two.

Due to their popularity many stores have copied this idea.  They call themselves ‘Made in Vietnam’ but the quality of the ‘designer labels’ isn’t the same.  But hey, they are still excellent value.  Where else could you walk into a shop and for $US 4 walk out with a Mango T shirt?

Add: 32 Phan Chau Trinh

Tel: +84 (0) 977 327 633

FM Style

FM Style, Hoi An, Vietnam

Under 25s, particularly good for young teenagers.


‘Young fashion with an edge’.  I love this shop.  It is SO cheap and the designs a little more interesting than the conservatively mainstream (but still very good) ‘Blue Exchange’.  At FM you will find hats, bags and other accessories as well as clothes for the under 25s. 


Note:  A little bit away from the Old Town but worth a visit – especially if you have teenagers that need clothes.

Price guide approximation: T shirts: $US4 – 6; jeans $US7 – 11.


Add: 214 Ly Thuong Kiet

Blue Exchange

Blue Exchange Fashion store, Hoi An, Vietnam
Blue Exchange Fashion, Hoi An, vietnam

Popular with young Vietnamese consumers. 


Blue Exchange is a fashion retail chain exploding throughout Vietnam with cheap clothes by Western standards.  There are four outlets in Da Nang and one has recently opened in Hoi An.  The designs are bright and breezy and very reasonably priced.  You will find good quality jeans, T shirts, tops and shorts from 100,000 – 300,000 VND ($US 4.50 – 13.50).  Think teenage boy/girl next door.


256 Ly Thuong Kiet Street
Tel: +84 (0) 235 3 928 0683

Addresses in Da Nang
Shop 1: 46 Dien Bien PhuShop 2: 325 Hung VuongShop 3: 291 Le DuanShop 4: 115 Hoang Dieu

Maly Fashion Boutique, Hoi An, Vietnam
Maly Fashion Boutique, Hoi An, Vietnam

Funky original designs for all ages


In Hoi An the choice for ready-made clothes is limited; it’s either the cheap, ubiquitous touristy clothes hanging from every shop or the original and classy but perhaps a tad quite pricey, designer shops.  So it’s refreshing to see a shop come along that offers something in between.  Recently opened La Boutique isn’t quite ‘cheap as chips’ but their funky, original garments are very reasonably priced. 


Tops: 270,000VND ($US 12 approx)

Add:  3 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street

Tel: +84 (0) 905 897 737



cheap clothes da nang hoi an
cheap clothes and shoe shop - Hi End, Danang

Hi-End is closed until further notice


Clothes, shoes & accessories; all ages & good for kids


Sometimes you really wonder if it is worth telling people about great money saving opportunities because when they flock to these venues, inevitably, prices go up, it changes and is no longer what it was.  So I have wrestled with this one because Hi-End is one of those places (though it will not seem like it when you walk in).  It’s small, dark and pokey. But rummage through it carefully and I guarantee you’ll walk away with some amazing buys.


Recommended to me by a fellow expat, Hi-End sells high quality label clothing for men, women and children as well as shoes and accessories too.  You’ll find Gap, Tex, Osh Kosh, Mango, H&M, Guess and Banana Republic to name but a few.  This is the stock that didn’t make export for one reason or another: a minor flaw, excess stock whatever the cause, the cheap clothes here are the real deal. 


Price guide:  $US 1.80 – 10. 


Add:  23 Le Duan Street, Da Nang

Tel: +84 (0) 236 2245 933

Le Duan Street

Cheap clothes on Le Duan Street in Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang has many clothes shops offering amazing bargains.  For a taste of what Da Nang offers, walk  along Le Duan Street – but put your hiking boots on because it’s a long street! Start with Hi-End and walk. Dotted here, there and everywhere you’ll come across bargain clothing for kids, teenagers and adults – as well as shoe shops.

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