Body Piercing: Hoi An Now’s Travel Guide to Money Saving

FACTS: If body piercing is your ‘thing’, there are considerable money savings to be had in Hoi An.


PRICE COMPARISON: The cost of body piercing in Western countries varies depending on the location of the body piercing.  While this is the case for 1984 Tattoo Hoi An, Mai Mai Dep (Forever Beautiful) offers a uniform price of 200,000vnd for all piercings no matter the location.


SAVINGS GUIDE: For a comprehensive guide on the type of money saving you will make, compare the prices of American company, Costhelper Health   Prices can be three, four or even five times cheaper than in the West.

JEWELRY USED: All jewelry is standard silver plated.  For solid silver the customer can opt to pay extra.


HYGIENE AND AFTER CARE: Hygiene in both shops is good.  New and sterilized needles are used for each piercing.  Mai Mai Dep provides information to customers on aftercare whilst 1984 Tattoo Hoi An gives a free aftercare kit.

The Options

MAI MAI DEP (Forever Beautiful)

Add: 124 Thai Phien

Tel: +84 (0) 944 207 514

Opening Hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm (Monday closed)

Facebook: Mai Mai Dep

English speaking: Yes


Price guide: 200,000 vnd per piercing

Mai mai dep, body piercing, hoi an, hoi an now
body piercing, 1984 Tattoo studio, hoi an, hoi an now


Add: 274 Cua Dai

Tel: +84 (0) 235 654 1984

Facebook: 1984 Tattoo Studio

English speaking: Yes


Price guide: from 200,000 vnd per piercing (more difficult areas cost more)

General Pricing Information

  • Never touch or play with healing piercing with unwashed hands
  • It is easiest to wash the piercing in the shower twice a day. Stand with the new piercing in the flow of the water for a few minutes until any dry build up around piercing has softened, then using clean hands or a cotton bud dislodge any dry build up from around the piercing taking care not to push any into the piercing as it may damage the newly formed skin inside
  • After shower apply Aftercare Product as advised by Piercer
  • Apply Aftercare Product directly onto the piercing. Do not soak or attempt to rotate or turn the piercing
  • Your healing time depends on your own body’s ability to heal. It can take anywhere between 1- 6 months to heal providing you follow the above advice (although it is not uncommon for some piercings to take longer)

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