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Be Be Cloth Shop, Hoi An, material rangeThere are cheaper options than Be Be Cloth shop all over Hoi An so why do I always hunger to return? Walking into Be Be is like walking into a candy shop, the pastel linens in hues rarely seen around town are particularly delicious: pink, violet, lilac, lemon – take your pick they’ll surely have it.

A few other touches don’t hurt either like: the 5-star comfort that comes with expansive, modern, air-conditioned rooms and private changing areas; the personalized service from your very own sales assistant; and the assurance that if there’s a problem it will be fixed. But more than anything It’s because Be Be has one of the widest selection of fabrics in Hoi An.

Swabs of material Hoi An Tailors Be Be Cloth Shop

‘We are now No 1 on Trip Advisor and just can’t keep up with demand’, explained English expat manager, Guy, surveying the shop floor packed with tourists. ‘Nice dilemma’, I mused with a covetous eye on the high-stacked shelves, wondering what they might charge to copy a shirt.

‘Thirty dollars’, said the sales girl quickly – probably wishing I’d just go after deliberating for nearly an hour over two swatches of linen. Having been quoted $20 – 25 for the same quality by lesser-knowns I slapped down my deposit in end-of-day exhaustion and arranged to pick up the shirt the following day.

Be Be Cloth Shop Hoi An Tailors reception

‘We always do a fitting’, said my sales assistant sweetly next day, oblivious to the irony that a fitting for a ‘copied’ shirt was a tad redundant..Two pins somewhere on the front seemed to do the trick and my fitting was complete; my shirt would be ready to pick up the next day.Be Be Cloth Shop Hoi An Tailors


The shirt is one of my favorite items and the quality of tailoring excellent. Be Be is one tailor where you will have all your needs met and if something goes wrong, it will be fixed – just look at the feedback from Guy, the manager, on Trip Advisor. Overall, an impressive outfit!


Price guide below – be aware that prices vary depending on the quality of material.


Using their material:

Dresses                $US    45 – 75
Trousers              $US    35 – 65
Skirt                     $US    35 – 85
Shirts                   $US    25 – 65
Suit                      $US    120 – 280


There are 3 Be Be outlets in Hoi An:
11 Hoàng Diêu Street,
40 Trần Hưng Đạo;
95 Phan Chau Trinh

Web:              www.bebetailor.com
Hours:           9am – 9pm


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