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Lang Co 1. Austin Trevett


If you’re planning a trip to Hue then you will undoubtedly pass through Lang Co – a seaside town that is rather famous in these here parts. Lang Co bay was recently voted as one of the world’s most beautiful bays. It’s ‘S’ shape also gives you the first glimpse of the sun rising in Vietnam. Lang Co has both beaches and one of the region’s largest lagoons for swimming. It is also home to some of the best oyster farming.


There is a main bay which is easy to find – and there are a number of accommodation options for all budgets – but just 10 kms down from Lang Co you can also find a completely secret bay called Can Bay. This crescent-shaped bay has talcum powdery sand and clear, turquoise waters. The small Vietnamese restaurant there has some of the best tiger prawns and lobster you could taste for a fraction of the cost we Westerners would normally part with on home country shores.


Lang_Co02. Austin TrevettTo access the beach you go down a little dirt track that is exactly 10kms south of main Lang Co and is very easy to find. No tourists go there, it’s pretty much even a secret from the locals. Think picture-perfect beach and a jungle clad backdrop with superb food and no disturbances except for the sounds of wildlife. Of course there is also the sublime Lang Co resort complex.


Fragment updated from ‘Sunkissed: Riding that Summer Wave’,Live Hoi An Magazine, Amy Morison 

Photos © Austin Trevett

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