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AP MART lightOne of the best places in town to buy groceries, this small, yellow-colored minimart is near the busy intersection of Hai Ba Trung and Ly Thuong Kiet. Specifically aimed at foreigners, management goes out of its way to stock those hard-to-get items expats crave thereby delivering an eclectic assortment that’s pretty unique in Hoi An.


As well as the usual toiletries, cosmetics and wine, they also have a fabulous range of cheeses, fresh Dalat milk, a variety of cereals (such as Weetabix, Australian rolled oats, Alpine muesli) as well as Lay’s and Dorito’s imported crisps and a plethora of cooking sauces and condiments – from HP sauce to baked beans, from risotto rice to French pate.


Often a shade cheaper than its nearby competitor, the green-colored A-Mart across the road, AP Mart is the first port of call for many expats when looking for home comforts.


Add: 501 Hai Ba Trung Street
Tel: +84 (0) 235 221 2186 / +84 (0) 982 503 508
Email: [email protected]

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