the year of the rooster‘Strictly no photos’ whispered Ha, my office manager, as we made our way towards a small, dimly lit room. Hunched over a tiny round table, the 60-something Ly, dressed in the ubiquitous Vietnamese pyjamas, commenced by lighting incense and chanting then followed it all with a tonsil-dancing yawn. ‘She’s just inhaled the spirit,’ whispered Ha and, without a beat, ‘give her your hand.’

Clairvoyants in Hoi An Fortune tellers are deeply respected in Vietnam. Indeed, many Vietnamese simply won’t make any big decisions on events such as weddings, business, moving house and even the best time to have children without consulting one.

Intrigued to see what all the fuss was about, I had decided to seek out my very own Rasputin to find out what the Year of the Rooster held for me.

There are many types of fortune tellers in Vietnam from astrologers, to geomancers, shamans, monks and those that communicate through spirits.

The 60-something Ly, famed for guiding one of Hoi An’s well-known restauranteurs towards success, is the latter, a medium for the spirit world.

Handicapped by inherited Irish superstition and all the anxiety that gpalm reading clairvoyantsoes with it, I anticipated the worst. Trying to assuage my rising fear I found myself focusing on Ly’s glasses and wondering why she hadn’t removed the price tag.

Then suddenly it was on. No questions asked. Out it came – a deep, guttural, verbal outpouring in Vietnamese (the voice of the spirit Ha explained later). Panic-stricken, I studied Ha’s face, searching for the look of horror that surely would attend a tale of death, doom and calamity.

What the hell was she saying? The urgency in her voice unnerved me as did her eyes (or his eyes, or whoever’s eyes were inside her). ‘Just tell me!’

I nearly screamed. ‘What the hell is so bad?’

But this spirit was on a roll and must have spoken for five minutes before Ha finally turned:

‘You will have a very successful year but you need to watch out for Tigers and Snakes.’


A card reading followed and what do you know, everything was good, in fact more than goodfortune tellers in Hoi An, it was great – business would bloom, health was fine but keep your wits and watch out for those Tigers and Snakes.

Now I can hear you screaming: ‘Is that it?’

Well, no. There was much more – my past for a start:

‘She says you and your husband have both been divorced and you have three homelands’, said Ha. ‘She also says your husband has had health issues and it’s to do with not blessing your house. In fact, you are going to move house soon and you need to have the new house blessed on the 28th of this month if you want your husband’s health issues to go away.’

OK, tick the first box but who hasn’t been divorced nowadays? OK, I’ve got British and Australian citizenship and have lived in Vietnam for the last six years. Tick (but easy to guess, really). Whoa! My husband has had some health issues, minor, but annoying and persistent (tick) but how did she know we were moving, what was that date?Clairvoyants in Hoi An

And to finish off … ‘Next year you will invest money and more people will work for you but you need to watch out for Tigers and Snakes.’

Feeling overwhelming relief when it was finally over, I was on the cusp of hugging her when she emitted the most bilious burp followed by a couple more. ‘That was the spirit leaving her body’, Ha informed me as we descended the stairs.

‘Organize for a shaman to bless the house will you Ha. No Tigers or Snakes,’ I instructed urgently as, with a new spring to my step, I strode into the sunny street below.

So Happy Year of the Rooster everyone – it seems that’s just what it will be for me.


On Hoi An: the Thay Boi said the ‘eating industry’ would be down but land prices would rise and this is where people should put their money (bit of a no brainer as land is rising exponentially in Hoi An).

On Ly: She first experienced ‘the spirit’ coming in to her 30 years ago and felt impelled to tell people their fortunes ever since.

Is it different to clairvoyants back home? Not really. Pretty similar, apart from needing an interpreter.

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    I would love to visit this woman next month…


    I would love to visit this woman next month..


    Hi Diana, we will organise it for you when you arrive next month.


    please arrange for me ,am already in hanoi ,thanks


    Hi Isaac, please contact this number +84 (0)973 005 863. Her name is Ha, Hoi An Now’s Office Manager. She can help you to arrange the appointment. Cheers.


    Hi I would like to know where(address) to get the reading and how to book one ?

    Kristine Dorado


    Hi Monique, our office can arrange this for you. You will need an interpreter and Ha, our office manager, is fluent in both English and Vietnamese so she is who I would recommend. Ha charges 100,000 vnd per hour and can be contacted on 0973 005 863. The Thay Boi doesn’t charge but works on donations. We advise around 100,000 vnd which you pay at the end of the reading. If you would like to approach her yourself, let us know and we’ll find out her house number for you. Her house is on a street that runs parallel with Hai Ba Trung (near the Ly Thai To Street intersection).


    Hi I would like to make an appointment to see her today if possible I am here until tomorrow. There are two of us and if we could have an interpreter would be great thank you


    Hi Jarnelle, sorry for the late reply but we do not handle bookings. In future, you will need to contact the services described on Hoi An Now directly. We hope you enjoyed your stay.


    Can I arrange a reading/ session?
    I am in hoi an now.
    Please email me with information.


    Hi Moira, sending you an email now.


    I’m in hoi an now for another week how can arrange a reading


    Hi Charles,
    So sorry we missed you. If you are still in Hoi An, let us know and we can help arrange a reading.


    My friend and I would be very interested to have a reading from this lady.We will be in Hoi An around the 25th November 2017 would this be a possibility? We would also need a translator.


    Hello Freda, when you arrive here in Hoi An, please send an email to this email address: [email protected] .Our Office Manager will arrange the meeting for you with the clairvoyant. She will help you to translate as well. Cheers.


    Hi just wondering is there readings available tomorrow or sunday?


    Hi Emma, I can give you the number of our Office Manager, Ha. She arranges them. She may not be available as it’s the weekend but Sunday may suit her. The number to ring is: 0973 005 863. You need someone fluent in both English and Vietnamese. That is why I am recommending Ha. Good luck with the reading.


    Hi there. I would like to book an appionymant with woman what does the reading, fortune telling. We’re visitting Hoi An for 5 days in December. We’ll be there from 10th to 15 th December. How can I arrange the meeting.


    Hi Piotr, the translator who can help you is in tomorrow. I will pass your email to her and she can contact you. Her name is Ha and she speaks fluent English. Best regards, Sharon


    Hi Piotr, sorry – Ha was meant to contact you. We don’t have anyone who can translate the clairvoyant at the moment. Sorry this got to you so late. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Hoi An and again, apologies that this message came to you so late. Best regards, Sharon (Editorial Director)


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