There is no such thing as a ‘bad hair day’ in Hoi An because that would indicate good hair days. With a humidity-reading constantly off the Richter scale, most days my frizzed out, brittle crown of glory makes me look like one of those cartoon characters who stuck their finger in a plug socket. 


I’d noticed the funky A. Nho Hairdressing Salon & Spa in my many travels around Hoi An but had never got around to trying it out. Finally, with roots in serious SOS mode I ventured inside.  A. Nho’s funky red and black interior with internationally-renowned hair products on sale and impressive modern equipment would not be out of place in the trendy heart of Sydney – aside from the omnipresent Vietnamese alter and music of course.


After six years in Vietnam and many a colour catastrophe behind me I have become accustomed to getting a mild shock each time the final colour is unveiled. Usually too light, too red or in one incomprehensible case: completely black.

 In contrast, my confidence was boosted by Anh Nho’s great care, checking and cross-checking to get the right shade. I dared to hope, just a little, but braced myself when the moment of truth came with my frozen smile on standby. This time, however, I was blown away, and oh so relieved.  It was insanely good. The slight glints of gold and copper and rich reviving tone was exactly what I wanted – not to mention the shiny tresses that actually draped my face.


Passionate about hairdressing from an early age, Anh Nho has seven Master Hair Stylist certificates under his belt awarded by overseas trainers from Korea, Japan & Italy.


‘I am the best hair stylist in Hoi An’, he tells me taking out a humungous manual of styling techniques by Vidal Sassoon. ‘He is my hero’, he says clutching the manual with a Gollum-like intensity.  ‘I love the focus on the geometry of the face and creating a style that suits it and is easy to manage’.


So for now, until the next amazing discovery, An Nho is my new hair apparent.


Note: Anh Nho does not speak English but his wife does so if body language and picture pointing doesn’t do the trick, he’ll phone his missus.

Hours | 8.30am – 8.30pm / 7 days

Address | 27 Dinh Tien Hoang St

Telephone | +84 (0) 914692009

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