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Where can I get‘ is a work in progress.  It provides information on a range of things from where to buy contact lenses, plants, white boards, bikes or where to get passport photos.  Please send us anything you think could be added either by using our contact button on the website or by emailing us at [email protected]


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Buy Bicycles / Electric Bikes

Tam Trinh Store

196 Ly Thuong Kiet St
+84 (0) 905 652 060
Hours:    Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8.30 pm.
Male, female & children’s bikes and electric bikes
Price guide: (depending on size and brand) adult bicycle 2.5 million – 4 million VND
Electric bike from 11 million VND

bicycles and electric bikes, buy in hoi an, Vietnam

Minh Chinh Store

135 Ly Thuong Kiet St
+84 (0) 905 037 595
Hours:   Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8pm
Male, female & children’s bikes and electric bikes
Price guide: (depending on size and brand) adult bicycle 2.5 million – 4 million VND
Electric bike from 11 million VND

Second – hand Bicycle

The cheapest way to buy a second-hand bicycle is by keeping your eye on Hoi An Expat or Da Nang Hoi An Facebook pages to see if anyone is selling one.  Alternatively, advertise on these pages that you are looking for one!

You can also buy a range of second-hand bikes from standard to high-quality racing bikes at the following bike shops. (The second-hand bikes are not on display; ask to see them)

Tam Trinh Store

196 Ly Thuong Kiet St
+84 (0) 905 652 060
Hours:    Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8.30 pm.


Minh Chinh Store

135 Ly Thuong Kiet St
+84 (0) 905 037 595
Hours:   Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8pm

Where can i get second - hand bicycle

Cameras and accessories

Whilst the best place to buy cameras and accessories is Da Nang  (due to the range) many expats rate Anh Sao Vang in Nguyen Du Hieu Street as a pretty good place for camera needs.  You will also find a couple of camera shops in Hai Ba Trung (between Thai Phien & Trang Hung Dao).


Anh Sao Vang Digital Camera Center

This tiny shop but has a surprising range of accessories including microphones, tripods as well as Go Pros, cameras, memory cards and more. The very affable shop owner will go out of his way to assist you.   You can buy new and second hand equipment at Anh Sao Vang and they also do camera repairs.

Hours: 7am – 11pm / 7 days

344 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street

+84 (0) 235 2222 966

Cameras, Go Pros, Camera Equipment in Hoi An, Vietnam

Contact Lenses

Curtains and Blinds

Viet A Optic

718 Hai Ba Trung (on corner of Tran Hung Dao and Hai Ba Trung)
+84 (0) 235 3 916 059/ +84 (0) 926 625 420
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 9am – 9pm

Price guide in American dollars: $20 – $30

Thien Suong Curtains and Blinds

455A Hai Ba Trung
+84 (0) 235 3 916 299
Hours: Monday to Saturday/ 8am 11.30; 2pm – 8pm
Price guide: From 600,000 VND per metre, depending on quality of fabric.

Highly recommended by expats – “Their attention to detail was excellent, price reasonable and they didn’t leave any mess behind to clean up; really impressed”


Furniture and Sofas

sofas and furniture to buy, Hoi An, Vietnam

Sofa Da Nang

87 Trung Nu Vuong, Da Nang
+84 (0) 236 370 1119
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 7.30am – 9pm
[email protected]

One of the best places to buy a comfortable Western-style sofa, according to many expats.  They will also make sofas for you.  Apart from sofas they sell electrical appliances, outside furniture – even massage beds.  Prices are reasonable.

Son Toan

507 – Hai Ba Trung Street (next to Viet Com Bank, and Café Sinh Thai – Ecology).
+84 (0) 236 3916 152
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8.30pm
Has a range of household furniture from sofas, dining suites to beds and robes; it also stocks a reasonable range of SAFES.  Expect Western prices

Mr. Minh (for sofas & upholstery)

169 Ly Thuong Kiet (shop) &  49 Phan Dinh Phung (his factory)
Hours: 7.30 am – 8.30pm
Price guide: from 7 million VND depending on fabric and size.
Note:  These guys will design and make up a sofa according to your specifications.  Make sure you agree on the price first

Thien Tam

292 Ly Thuong Kiet Street
+84 (0) 235 3921181
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8pm.

Close to this shop are several other shops where you can find furniture; choice is fairly limited to kid’s chairs, desks, office chairs & bookcases


Passport Photos

Luc Binh Photo

4B Tran Hung Dao
+84 (0) 120 260 5026
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 12 noon; 1.30pm – 8pm

Truong Son Photo

162 Nguyen Truong To
+84 (0) 235 3910 246
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8pm

Passport photos, Hoi An, Vietnam

Tam Photo

108 Nguyen Truong To
+84 (0) 905 110 790
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8.30 pm

Note: You need to stipulate a BLUE background for a driver’s license and a WHITE background for a passport photo

Plants and Flowers

Dạ Lan Flower and Plant

273 Cua Dai Street
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8pm
Prices guide: From 80,000 VND for a small hanger flower pot.
Delivery: Yes

“You can buy a reasonably sized palm with ceramic plant pot for 300,000 – 400,000 VND”, Hoi An Expat.

plants, buy plants in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoa Sung

Near the intersection of Tran Nhan Tong & Cua Dai Road (next door to the fluorescent green children’s play centre)
Hours: 7.30 am – 8pm
Price guide:  80,000 – 100,000 VND for a small hanger flower pot
Delivery:  Yes

plants and pots, buy them in Hoi An, Vietnam

Printers (business cards, signage, brochures…)

Colour Photocopying 

ABC Printers

Intersection Ton Duc Thang – Phan Dinh Phung, on the street from Pacific Hospital towards Ly Thai To
+84 (0) 235 3 863 888/ +84 (0) 964 300 888
Hours: Monday to Saturday/ 7am – 11am; 1.30pm – 5.30pm
Mail: [email protected]

Xuan Nien Photocopy

4B Tran Hung Dao Street
+84 (0) 235 2241 257
Hours: 8am -11.30am; 1.30pm– 7.30pm

Stationary & Whiteboards

Hung Bookstore

06 Nguyen Hue Street
+84 (0) 235 3861 008
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 7.30 am -9pm

Hung Bookstore is one of the best places in Hoi An to get your office and stationary needs.  They sell photocopy paper, staplers, folders, children’s toys and whiteboards
Note: You need to ask to whiteboards because they are in the back of the store and not visible as you walk in.   
Prices from 70,000 VND to 400,000 VND depending on size.

Stationary shops, hoi an, Vietnam

Nhan Dan Bookstore

34 Phan Chau Trinh
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8.30 am – 8.30pm

Shoes – Large Sizes

Rieker Antistress Shoes

558 Hai Ba Trung
+84 (0) 235 3939 555
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8.30pm
Price guide in American dollars: $35 -$50

Reiker in Hoi An stocks large shoe sizes (up to 47 for men).  If they don’t have what you require then Vincom in Da Nang has a fair range of shoe shops stocking large sizes

Mens sandals, cheap shoes, discount shoes, Reiker Shoes, Hoi An Old Town, Vietnam

Shopping on-line

There are many websites good for shopping on-line, the ones listed below are highly recommended by many expats.


One of the best sites for shopping on-line is Lazada” http://www.lazada.vn/ 

You can get just about anything and everything at Lazada from coffee machines, cameras, garden tools, guitars, skateboards to beer.  Hoi An Now satff have purchased expensive camera equipment, skateboards even very hard to get cosmetics.  The service to date, has been faultless and due to the Vietnamese reluctance to use credit cards on-line – they have a Cash On Delivery payment method.

Payments can be made via:

  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Credit/ Debit Card
  • ATM Card

(Note:  For purchases over 30 million VND they do not do COD)

May Anh Vietnam

A terrific site for cameras and accessories: http://mayanhvn.com/

Hoi An Expat: “I dealt with these guys several times and they offer pretty good service and they speak good English”


A great site for women’s clothing, underwear and accessories.  Recommended by many expats and Vietnamese.  Check it out:  www.zadora.vn


From time to time concerns are asked raised about the quality of the water we buy.  Is it safe to drink the 10,000 VND 21 litre bottled water or better to buy more expensive water?  Others, including many Vietnamese will only consider water filters.  It’s an individual choice but below are some numbers and details for each.


Note:  When you first buy a container of water you will be required to make a deposit for the bottle.  This is the same amount of money you pay for the water cost eg: one new container of Vivian (10,000 VND) will cost 20,000 VND.  After this, you pay the normal price and when you stop buying the water you can claim the deposit back

Vivian (21 litres)

+84 (0) 235 3914 540 or +84 (0) 977 949 959

Price: 10,000 VND
Call to order the delivery.  You will need a Vietnamese to help you as they don’t speak English.

Thach Bich (18.9 litres)

+84 (0) 935 261 967

Price: 40,000 VND
As above, they do not speak English so get a Vietnamese to help you with the order.

Water choices in Hoi An, Vietnam

Water Filters

May Loc QP

545 Hai Ba Trung Street
+84 (0) 235 2121 354/ +84 (0) 935 567039
Hours: Monday to Saturday/ 8am – 8pm
Price guide: From 3.6 million VND to 5.6 million VND, depending on size and quality

May Loc Nuoc Anh Thong

72 Hung Vuong
+84 (0) 235 3917 694/ +84 (0) 922 358 183
Hours: Monday to Sunday/ 8am – 8pm
Price guide: From 3.8 million VND to 6 million VND, depending on size and quality

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