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Some will tell you that the weather in Hoi An is always warm or hot, having only a wet and a dry season, typical of tropical climates. Don’t believe them. At certain times of the year, Hoi An can be very chilly indeed.

So, when is the best time to visit Hoi An?
Most agree February to May is best – after the wet and cold and before the big, enervating heat of high summer. During these months the days are sunny and warm and free from the debilitating heat and humidity that comes in July – August.

How hot does it get in summer?
The summer months are June – August/September. The days are dry and very hot with temperatures regularly in the mid to high 30s with overnight minimum temperatures uncomfortably high. Although it’s the dry season, the humidity remains quite high.

When is the rainy season in Hoi An?
The rainy season is from September – January. However, it is not uncommon to have dry, sunny and sometimes very hot days on and off throughout this period.

Is it true that Hoi An has typhoons?
Yes, but they manifest more as heavy rains and very strong winds which can result in flooding. From time to time, there are typhoons that are more dangerous but these are infrequent. Typically, torrential rain, flooding and typhoons occur October and November.

I didn’t think Vietnam got cold.
Yes, this is a perception shared by many but let us assure you, Hoi An can get very cold during December and January. The temperatures may not appear that low on a chart but when combined with the wet season and high humidity this combination can cut through you like a knife. However, such days are minimal and mostly the temperature is moderate and sometimes hot enough to swim.

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When is the best season for diving?
Water clarity is at its best April to August but divers would probably prefer diving during the hot, summer months of June – August for optimum conditions.

I’ve been told not to visit Hoi An during Tet, is this true?
Yes. Tet is the Vietnamese equivalent of Chinese New Year. It occurs in late January or early February and is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. Tet is a time when most Vietnamese return to their ancestral home. Travel is at its height so flights, trains and coaches are booked out, many establishments and shops put their prices up so you may be paying a Tet price for your hotel or newly tailored suit. To cap it off, most restaurants and businesses shut down for close to a week. In short, avoid travelling at this time if possible.

Can I swim all year round?
You can swim all year round in Hoi An but, with so many hot months, most locals stay out of the water during ‘winter’.

As a surfer, when is the best time to come?
For surfers the ‘winter’ months produce the only reliable swell.

Hoi An Weather Statistics

For charts of average temperatures and average rainfall by the month go to World Weather and Climate Information.

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The Legendary Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival

Try to organize your trip to coincide with the legendary Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival which occurs every month on the 14th day of the Lunar calendar. For the Vietnamese this is a time to pay respects to ancestors by burning fake money and making offerings of fruit and flowers in return for good luck, health and wealth. For tourists it’s a trip back in time, a night when Hoi An Old Town shuts down the lights and lanterns and shimmering candlelight takes over. Motorised vehicles and bicycles are banned, so you can wander around freely to enjoy the many cultural activities and performances without fear of being flattened by an errant driver. For a truly magical experience head down to the river to see a myriad of floating, candlelit paper flowers twinkling and bobbing on the water and, if you’re after a little bit of good luck, release one yourself for the mammoth sum of 5,000 VND.

See the Events Calendar for dates.

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