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Trung Bac, Hoi An Old Town Restaurant, DinersTrung Bac restaurant was quite busy with locals the night I ate there. With a reasonably large selection, it features several unusual menu items for the Old Town.

Run by a local family, the walls of this old Hoi An house are adorned with a mixture of paintings and interesting historical photographs but, in general, its a no-nonsense setting designed for hearty eating.

The service is typically Vietnamese, but my beer and ice arrived promptly and it’s cheaper than most venues in Hoi An’s center.

About 10 minutes after ordering, the minced shrimp on sugar cane (starter) and the chicken and water spinach with garlic (main) both arrived together which is common in Vietnam. The minced prawn wrapped around sugarcane was interesting. The large plate of water spinach with a reasonable serve of chicken breast was a bit light on garlic but it was well seasoned with pepper and I cleaned up the plate.

At Trung Bac two good-sized courses and two bottles of Larue beer came to 160,000 VND which is pretty good value for the Old Town (other than street food).

Trung Bac, Hoi An Old Town Restaurant, wall photo of Old TownTrung Bac, Hoi An Old Town Restaurant, above the entranceIf you want a filling meal, reasonably priced, give it a try.

Hours: 8am – 10pm

Add: 87 Tran Phu

Tel: +84 (0)235-3864622

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