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What Tailor to Choose

Finding a tailor in Hoi An is about as hard as shutting your eyes, turning around and pointing to the nearest shop. Unless it’s the big guns like Be Be, Yaly or A Dong Silk all tailors merge into a sprawling conformity of tacky, headless mannequins in dated chiffon ball-gowns or gaudy, two piece suits that no-one in their right minds would wear.


What then makes one tailor worth recommending over another? Is it price, customer service, dress-making expertise, choice of fabrics or design advice? These are all good attributes but let’s be honest, most of them are subjective.


Someone’s ‘great tailor’ can be someone else’s disaster. The truth is it can be hit and miss wherever you go.


There are many tips to prevent a tailoring disaster but two very important ones are:


Make SURE your sales assistant understands what you want. She will say ‘yes, yes’ but you can be almost certain – unless you go over it, get her to repeat and even draw it – that she will not totally understand.


Choose the right material for your garment. Material choice is one of the main reasons for tailoring disasters. Ask the tailor’s advice.


Below are some tailor reviews by Hoi An Locals.


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