Hoi An


No More Baubles and Beads 

Not that many years ago shopping in Hoi An was a rather hollow experience for a shopaholic – not that it wasn’t bursting with shops; there were lots of shops. There were tailors, shoe shops, leather shops, jewelers, cloth merchants and souvenir outlets. But once you’d been to one souvenir, jewelry or shoe shop you had pretty much been to all of them.


Now, original, high quality products are sprouting like mushrooms as Hoi An becomes more boutique by the year. To be sure, many are still literally copying the old formulas but, as never before, there are wonderful shopping opportunities to be had as fierce retail competition spawns unique products and keener pricing

Copenhagen Delights Online Promotion Hoi An Now
Yaly Couture, Hoi An Tailor, Opening Image

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