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Sabirama Cooking Class

Sabirama Cooking Class

There are lots of cooking classes in Hoi An these days. How to choose? If your time in Hoi An is short Sabirama Cooking Class is one that packs a lot into a half day : a visit to the market, a 45-minute river cruise, a paddle in a traditional basket boat, a water buffalo cart ride, a foot massage, the preparation of four traditional Vietnamese food dishes (including decorative touches) and, last but not least, consuming the scrumptious food with relish. Phew!

Sabirama Cooking Classes. Banh Xeo

Sounds tiring doesn’t it? … but it’s not. It’s a terrific blend of relaxation, cultural interest, rolling up your sleeves in the kitchen and enjoying the spoils of your labors.


Some cooking classes in Hoi An take on bus loads at a time with mic’d-up presenters and a fairly informative but regimeted approach. Others draw on the reputation of Hoi An’s leading venues for a celebrity-chef kitchen experience. In these assembly line shows, the amount of hands-on cooking may disappoint.

Cook Up a Storm

Sabirama provides a parcel of many experiences in an informal, intimate way without big names or fanfare that is ideal for medium to small groups, couples and solo travelers. You make your own sauces and seasonings and even steam your own rice paper for the fresh spring rolls. The stove-top cooking is all yours too and plenty of time is also spent learning decorative touches with tomatoes and cucmbers fashioning rose and butterfly garnishes.

Scenic Cam Thanh Island’s Nipa Palm forests, not far from the Cua Dai Bridge, provide a superb backdrop to the cooking and eating. By the end of the tour you will be able to whisk up a green mango salad and fresh spring rolls. Similarly, banh xeo (savory pancake) and chicken with chili and lemongrass will be as easy as cheese on toast.

Special tips, like the nifty balance of ingredients for the sweet and sour fish sauce are worth the trip alone. Likewise a water reduction method for cooking the seafood is sure to get perfect results over a high flame for you for evermore.

The Wash-Up

Sabirama Cooking Class is tremendous value for money at just $45 a person and highly recommended for its diverse showcase of Vietnamese life from market to river to kitchen. And, as you get to do most of the work in the kitchen, whether it be frying squid and prawns, julienning green mango, blending sweet and sour fish sauce or making your own rice paper from the get go, you have all the fun and really learn first-hand the rudiments of Vietnamese cuisine.

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Booking Details

Sabirama Cooking Class is an experience that will live with you long after you’ve slept off the sumptuous feast. To book click on the pic above.


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