Massage and Spas: ready for a rubdown?

In Hoi An, there are more massage parlours available than limbs that need rubbing. From budget, no-frills affairs to lavish sanctuaries, it’s actually quite easy to reach Nirvana here. Or to get pretty damn close.


Unfortunately, many spas that offer massage don’t actually have trained masseuses or masseurs on staff. But hey, at less than $10 for an hour’s rubdown in a tranquil setting, that won’t bother a lot of people. Just make sure that if you have a back or neck injury, leave it to the professionals…


We’ve tried out a lot of spas and had a lot of massages to bring you this comprehensive list. (We’re selfless like that.) So whether you want simple but effective at the Blind Massage Centre, seaside vibes at CWIN Massage on Hidden Beach or sheer luxury, there’s bound to be something that tickles your fancy. Just try and stay awake long enough to enjoy it.


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