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Purple RainMagnificent timber beams and masses of verdant and flowering plants make this restaurant appealing and quite different the instant you see it. Looking up past Purple Rain’s lively lanterns you glimpse a shaded though open terrace running the full width of the building’s double frontage. The view across the river to the ancient town is best from street level, but once upstairs, a filtered view of the whole town and its historic rooflines opens up.

Liên and Huy have worked on these great foundations to offer a special range of southern-Vietnam influenced dishes, cooked by Vàng, who tops everything off with her delightful touch. It is all a pleasure, from the local Hôi An specialties to the spectacular southern additions thất Liên has introduced. Try the Vietnamese beef salad, tuna cooked in a hot pot with mushrooms or the pork stir fried in coconut water; in addition there are dishes with a hint of Thai.

A few months ago this was a rather tired place but since being taken over by Lien it is inspiring – service, food and ambience are all superb. Relaxing with a drink on the terrace, where the timbered and plant themes are tastefully continued, or enjoying a meal is very restful and fulfilling. Purple Rain is on the quiet end of Nguyen Phuc Chu and you will be delighted by your decision to take the few steps past all the backpacker bars. Even better, the prices are reasonable.



Add: 3 Nguyen Phuc Chu

Facebook: Purple Rain Restaurant

Tel: +84 (0)989 009 109

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