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Ngoc Mai’s uncomplicated menu is dominated by seafood. A favourite with expats in Hoi An, Ngoc Mai sits quietly on secluded, beautiful Ha My Beach. Here you have nature’s rough hand in all its undeveloped beauty all to yourself, apart from a few scattered fishermen mending nets, and it’s an experience not to be missed.

Just 15 minutes out on the road to Da Nang, this basic seafood specialist sits without fuss, similar to many beachside, red-chair venues up and down the coast. But there is one all-important difference – the food is world-class.

Ngoc Mai. BeachWe started with mountains of clams that were grilled with a little cheese and shallots. Unbelievably moreish and simply the best I’ve ever had. Next came delectable slithers of fried squid and more clams due to overwhelming demand. A pile of Vietnam’s pervasive ‘morning glory’ (water spinach) mixed with tons of garlic and steamed rice came as well but all eyes were on the quickly disappearing clams. Early on in the piece, we all gave up calculating our fair shares. It was soon every man, woman and child for themselves.


Add: Dien Street, Ha My Beach
Tel: +84 (0)905 894 076

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