Hoi An

Kimmy Tailor

“Kimmy Tailor wants to bring a new level of tailoring to Hoi An”.


So said manager Renee upon welcoming me into the cool white interior of Kimmy tailor‘s new shop on An Hoi  – a “bespoke tailor” that specialises in men and women’s suits and a world apart from its Old Town rivals.


Reminiscent of a 5th Avenue department store, it even has a bar upstairs for partners to relax while their other halves pour over photos.


Very Hilary Swank.

Kimmy advice at the bar

The first visit


Used to the panic-inducing, arm-twisting horrors of visiting a tailor in Hoi An for the first time, I braced myself for a similar experience.


But from the helpful parking attendant outside, to the enthusiastic welcome I received upon stepping into the (blissfully air-conditioned) interior, to the knowledge and guidance of the in-house tailor Van and her helper Chloe, who masterfully formed my vague ideas into an actual design – I clearly wasn’t in Kansas anymore.


When it came to choosing fabrics, Van listened to what I’d be using it for – mainly traveling – and suggested a cotton/silk blend that wouldn’t stain and that’d be easy to maintain. I didn’t dare argue with her suggestions; clearly, the formidable 5-footer knew her stuff!

Kimmy first fitting

The big reveal


Much to my surprise, the crew at Kimmy’s got it spot on immediately. And instead of my first fitting being a teary, “what the hell have I done?” moment, I actually quite enjoyed it. Amazing what a competent tailor and a Bloody Mary can do. 😉


The shirt was exactly how I had imagined, flowing just right and in a fabric I loved. One or two tiny adjustments and it was done by my second fitting. (For fussier types, you normally get three.)

Kimmy final fitting

All sewed up


Kimmy’s twenty years of experience hasn’t gone amiss in her new store – the swanky interior, knowledgeable staff and in-house tailors have formed a winning combination.


Note: this serene shopping experience doesn’t come cheap. For a basic shirt, you’ll pay $30-$50; a long dress runs from $70-100 and a man’s suit will be a couple of hundred. Nor will it be a very quick process. Unlike many other tailors, who can do a turnaround overnight or even within a few hours, it will take 2-3 days at least.


Fine, so Kimmy is no Tailor Swift. But you get what you pay – and wait – for. Do you really want a dress that’s thrown together in a few hours? Or do you want a quality piece that’s created with your best interests in mind?


I left Kimmy’s with the revelation that visiting a tailor needn’t be a panic-inducing stressfest.


Like Renee said, it’s a new level in tailoring. And it’s a major cut above the rest.

The details:


Dresses and casualwear: 70 Tran Hung Dao, Hoi An; 8am 10am (daily)


Ladies and men’s suits: 39A Nguyen Phuc Chu street, An Hoi; 8am 10am (daily). 20% off opening sale now on.

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