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Marble Mountain Statue 3, Monks, Da Nang, Hoi AnLee Fritze started InDanang.com in September 2009. He created it to provide accurate and up-to-date information about Vietnam’s best city.

InDanang.com is the city’s longest running guide for expats, travelers and locals. Lee has lived in Da Nang for more than 8 years and he knows everything you need to know to settle in and have a great time there.

What can you find on InDanang.com?

– The best bars in town for a relaxing drink or wild night out
– Great cafes for a date or to get some work done with WIFI
– Activities and tours in and around Da Nang
– An easy to use map with directions so you won’t get lost
– A list of budget friendly hotels by the river or the beach

Waterfront Restaurant wine, Da NangWhy is InDanang.com the best?

– Lee has personally written more than 600 articles on this site
– All articles are original, with no “borrowed” content
– The content is updated regularly
– All content is written to be helpful for expats and visitors in Da Nang
– Lee has personally visited all places listed on his website
– All of the maps are accurate so the places are easy to find
– InDanang.com is currently available in 6 languages with more coming soon

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