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Dingo Deli Delivery



Hoi An is a destination that’s growing in tourism, with a booming expat community. And Dingo Deli is a delectable Western oasis in an Asian world.


Established by a Canadian / Australian family who relocated to Hoi An in 2010, Dingo Deli is known as the place to go for your favorite western-style cuisine from pastas and pizzas to make-your-own sandwiches using freshly basked artisan breads.


Our Lavazza coffee, smoked ham, parmesan cheese and wide selection of pastries keep people coming back – while our onsite facilities, like a quiet room for working, a kids playground and both indoor and outdoor seating, give them a reason to stay.


But if it’s one of those mornings that you’d prefer your breakfast brought to you (who wouldn’t?!) or an evening that you’re hiding from another treacherous rainstorm, fear not – our extensive menu and our range of groceries are available for delivery.


Ranging from all-day breakfasts to baked dinners; from burritos to Aussie meat pies and gravy, we’ve got plenty to whet your appetite, whatever you’re in the mood for.


So stay in the comfort of your own home, give us a call and we’ll be happy to deliver your meal to you. We won’t charge you for this service, but minimum orders must be 100,000 VND ($5). We’ll deliver anywhere in Hoi An, with last orders taken at 9 PM.


How to order: Text 0120 600 9300 and quote the numbers of the food items from our delivery menu: www.dingodelihoian.com/menu


Psst…See Dingo Deli Groceries in this section for its grocery menu and, for more about Dingo Deli, click here.

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