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Dingo Deli is a delectable Western Oasis in an Asian world – Lavazza coffee, smoked ham, parmesan cheese in blocks and a bakery with a constantly changing array of pastries and breads. With one of Hoi An’s best international menus and Western mini-mart, a quality children’s playground and weekly kids’ fun classes, expats rely on it heavily.

Half way between the beach and the Old Town on Cua Dai, Dingo Deli offers capacious booths outdoors and a crisply air-conditioned interior of tables and lounges. The menu has an excellent selection: from gourmet pies to pasta, from Mediterranean salads to baked dinners, from all-day breakfasts to Mexican treats. Home delivery is offered at no extra charge – one of the few home delivery services in Hoi An, pizza and Indian specialists aside. See the home delivery menu here.

kids playgrounds, hoi an, vietnam, kid friendly restaurants, hoi an, vietnam, things to do for kids, hoi an, vietnamBut Dingo Deli is not just a delicatessen cum quality café cum restaurant. It’s evolved into a community center with a notice board promoting local NGO activity and there is information about businesses from all over town. It is a vocal supporter, in particular, of the Kianh Foundation (specialist care group for children born with disabilities).

On Sunday mornings there are art classes during the cooler months for kids from 9pm. Special events are common at other times and big days on the Western calendar, like Christmas and Halloween, are given the full treatment.

Canadian/Australian couple, Michele and Gordon are the indefatigable team behind it all (and their other great venue, Hoi An Sports Bar). One wonders what stone they have left unturned. Perhaps, now that nearby Da Nang has its first modest skating rink, we’ll see the formation of Hoi An’s first ice hockey team for the under-12s.

Dingo Deli, Hoi An, cheeses, shop, kids, playground, classesVegemitei, Dingo Deli, Hoi AnExternal, Dingo Deli, Hoi AnHours: 7.30am to 9.30pm every day

Add: 277 Cua Dai

Tel: 0120 600 9300 (delivery and bookings)

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.dingodelihoian.com

Home delivery menu: see Delivery Menus


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