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Solid cheap meals come quickly and without ceremony at Café 41, fast food Vietnam style. Neighbour, Café 43, pulls more customers yet Café 41’s prices and quality are comparable, it’s seating more comfortable, and its staff friendlier. Perhaps the more sedate indoor feel is the deterrent but for us there’s not much between these two very cheap Vietnamese restaurants.

Café 41 is a hotchpotch of colours and styles with its two rooms making no attempt at a common theme; the mood changing every few metres. A family shrine/TV room is a very visible annex at the back completing the jumble.

The Cau Lau was too wet and missing the most aromatic herbs, especially the mint, but it was still pretty good value at 25,000 VND. The noodles with chicken and vegetables was nicely spiced with fresh ginger but the chicken was a little dry (possibly pre-cooked and reheated) amongst the fresh tomato, carrot, celery, onion and the ubiquitous pineapple. The noodles for this dish were a little soggy but again, at 49,000 VND, fair value.

Tran Cao Van is the street for budget meals and Café 41 is as good as most. We’ll be back again, especially when looking for value with the kids.

Cafe 41, Cau Lau  Cafe 41, Chicken and noodles Cafe 41 sign

Hours: 9.30am- 10pm

Add: 41 Tran Cao Van
Tel: +84 (0)168 8667 818
Email: [email protected]

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